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Ana Brocksmith Staff Photo


Welcome to UCE’s Home School Advisor Page

As Home School Advisor, I serve as a liaison between home and school. I communicate and serve as a resource for students, parents and staff on a variety of concerns.

A Home School Advisor’s, responsibilities vary. A Home School Advisor may:

·       Assist with student’s social / relational skills with peers and teachers.

·       Address home or school concerns that may impede a child’s focus on learning.

·       Teach coping skills needed in difficult situations.

·       Teach a variety of classes surrounding responsibility, respect and personal safety.

·       Provide information on outside resources.


Recording absences is part of my daily routine. If a student is absent and has not been called off from school by 10:00 AM, I communicate with parents as to the reason for the absence. I notify parents of students’ attendance status via e-mail, letters and phone communication. We advise that any time a Doctor visit occurs that documentation be sent to school. It may be faxed to us if needed. In the event that a student accumulates many absences or tardies, I request Doctor notes. As necessary, I contact Project Attend, part of the Porter County Juvenile Probation Department, for excessive attendance issues.

On a weekly basis I keep track of class attendance for awards and organize rewards on a monthly, semester, and annual basis.



At the beginning of each school year, I implement our Bus Safety Program. As part of the dismissal team, I greet cars and communicate to staff which students need to be ready as car riders.