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Laura Klimczak Staff Photo

Purdue University, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education


South Central Elementary School

     1996-1998  Remedial Math 

     1998-2000  5th Grade


John Simatovich Elementary

     2009/2010  Title I


South Central Elementary

     2011-2014  3rd Grade


Union Center Elementary

     2014-Present  4th Grade



Welcome to UCE's new website!!!  I am excited to have this new opportunity to communicate with you and share what is happening in our classroom.

I have already enjoyed being part of the Union Center 4th grade team and this wonderful school system! More importantly, I have had a great deal of fun with your children!  It’s been a fun-filled year and we have had many new learning experiences. 

My husband Dan and I have three amazing and active children. Our oldest son Danny is  a freshman, our daughter Shelby a 7th grader, and Luke is a 5th grader. I enjoy watching them play all of their sports and do all of the activities they love.